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COSA is a Twelve Step recovery program for those whose lives have been affected by compulsive sexual behavior.

Is Your Life Affected by Compulsive Sexual Behavior?

Are you grappling with a spouse, partner, or family member’s infidelity or compulsive sexual behavior?

Are you a survivor of sexual abuse or sexual assault?

Do you feel pressured into sexual behaviors that you are not comfortable with?
Are you lying to cover up a loved one’s sexual activity?
Do you feel like no one understands what you are going through?

What Brings Us to COSA?

  • Powerlessness over compulsive sexual behavior
  • Our obsession with the sex addict
  • Attempts to control

What Happens Next?

  • Lying, covering up, explaining away
  • Ignoring our inner voice telling us something was wrong
  • Denial of reality or thinking if only we could somehow change

COSA Offers Hope

  • Relief from isolation
  • Safety, sanity and clarity
  • Reclaiming our own truth

To honor our Seventh Tradition:

Every COSA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions”

There are no dues or membership fees. Funds collected cover Website and PayPal fees, and donations to the COSA International Service Organization (ISO).

COSA Zoom Room is a 501c3 organization and your donation is tax deductible.

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COSA Zoom Room is an autonomous Intergroup Meeting of the International Service Organization of COSA (ISO).

539 W Commerce St., Suite 1496, Dallas, TX 75208 

(866) 899-COSA (2672)

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