Business Meeting


Opening Reading
The Gifts of the COSA Program or The Business Meeting Prayer
The Gifts of the COSA Program
With the Twelve suggested Steps of recovery, and the wisdom, experience, and support of the COSA group, we discover the faith and acceptance to let go of the situations we were once desperate to control, and the courage and strength to grow in matters we once avoided or denied. Gradually, the gifts multiply. As our awareness increases, so does our personal power and self-esteem. In our relationships, we learn detachment and become more fully present. In continued recovery, we live our lives in deeper joy, serenity, and fulfillment, one day at a time.
The Business Meeting Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to be still in your presence;
the patience to listen and fully understand, value and appreciate each perspective;
the wisdom to speak gently and clearly;
and the courage to accept that the result of Group Conscience is Higher Power at work.

Volunteers Needed

Leader : Chooses the topic & reads the script
Host: Shares the screen & helps keep the room safe
MailChimp Liaison: Coordinates with the leader to send out the meeting topics
Intergroup Representative: Meets monthly with the Intergroup as a liaison between the group and the Intergroup – 1-2 year term that can be “renewed”
Delegate: Represents the group at the Annual Delegate Meeting of the International Service Organization of COSA – 2 year term that can be “renewed” for a maximum of 6 years)
Other trusted servants requested by this group (Contact List Coordinator, WhatsApp or GroupMe thread monitor, Meeting Host/Lead Coordinator, etc.)

Old Business

Items previously discussed but not completed/resolved

New Business

Any new information, requests, concerns

Intergroup Business

Information from the Intergroup to be shared, discussed and voted on.
Closing Reading
We have found that when we thoroughly work our COSA program, we receive the life-changing gifts of recovery. We begin our journey toward healing when we walk through the meeting doors. We grow as we listen, as we share, as we work Steps, and as we take service positions to help the fellowship thrive. The promises become ours as we open our hearts and minds to the Steps, tools, and principles.